Josh Norman’s franchise tag has been rescinded and he is now a free agent. Josh Norman wanted a long-term deal, and the Panthers front office were uneasy. They basically let him walk for nothing, but Norman has attracted attention from at least 8 teams as of April 20th. 

The Philadephia Eagles have traded up from the 8th pick in the draft to the 2nd pick in the draft. The Eagles traded 5 picks for 2 picks. The Browns receive the 2016 draft’s 8th overall pick and a 2017 first round pick. The Browns also receive a third-round and fourth-round pick. They also receive a 2018 2nd-round pick. The Philadephia Eagles receive the 2nd pick and a 2017 4th- round pick.

Brandon Browner signed with the Seahawks for a $760K contract. There is no guaranteed money, but the Seahawks will have him in a position to succeed.

Trent Richardson signed with the Baltimore Ravens in another effort to revive his career. The contract is worth $650K, but there is $0 guaranteed. 

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